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Following recent announcements, many of us will be preparing for unexpected time at home with the family. During these times, perhaps more than ever, an organised approach will help to keep some sense of normality, provide some structure and help keep us all sane! Here are my top tips:


This might be a detailed timetable for each day, or it might be a loose plan of key activities to do each day, or something in between. Whichever approach you go for, having something written down or a visual plan will help to manage expectations and help things run more smoothly for the whole family. I’ll be using our family wall planner for this and we’ll plan each week ahead, involving the children in decision making about key activities.

Plan Ahead!

Use any time you have available at this stage to think about what might be needed for the coming weeks. Being at home much more, I know my family will need some more lunchtime food options and more snacks. I’ve also bought some puzzle books and will bring out the crafting equipment!
Everything in its place!
With more time and people at home, everything won’t always be in its place! Building in some tidy up time to each day and getting everyone involved can help keep on top of things. Running around the house picking things up and putting them back where they belong counts as PE right?! Even just five or ten minutes of this can make a difference.


This is a great opportunity to get around to all sorts of things we don’t usually have time for. Any family home can always benefit from some de-cluttering, as children outgrow toys and clothes so quickly. Again, the kids can get involved in this and can be encouraged to pick out toys they no longer play with. Pop them in a bag to go to charity / friends / in the loft if you are planning more!

Organised by Hayley is a professional organising, de-cluttering and PA service, based in Yarm and working with clients in their homes and businesses in the Tees Valley and surrounding areas. I offer expert advice and practical help to de-clutter and organise all aspects of home and business life. I am passionate about organising and I love nothing more than creating order from chaos! I have a background in business management and over 14 years’ experience of managing resources, as well as being a mum to two small children.
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