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The faces behind the childcare revolution.

Our Story

“It very quickly turned into Sarah, interviewing me. What was i going to do if she didn’t want to work for us?!”

Dr Rachael Coates, surgeon and business owner but more importantly mum of three young girls, took the decision 3 years ago to find a nanny, as school nursery and other forms of childcare just could not accommodate their busy lifestyle.  

Having now decided that a nanny was what the family needed, Rachael was now overwhelmed with questions. How do you get a nanny? Where do you find a nanny? Could she afford a nanny? How would she deal with somebody else coming into her home and her space?

Sarah Heward was a 25 year old Early Years graduate, lone working nanny with a string of childcare qualifications and experience. Working across the UK, Sarah had not long moved home from London when she met Rachael. 
Having worked in the industry for a while, Sarah was now experiencing her own issues. How could she make sure she was safe at work, and avoid been taken advantage of? How could she continue to develop and learn in the childcare sector? Who could she turn to for support and advice?

Analysing our journey as parent and nanny, we created the northern nanny to give families access to the best of the best in in-home childcare. As a digital business we want to change the way the childcare sector operates, helping you to access more support and keep your family safer.  

For nannies and childcare providers, we want to provide a safe network of professionals to turn to for guidance and advice. We want to provide you with groundbreaking innovation, tools and knowledge to be able to facilitate real change and care for families.


Our vision is to facilitate real change in an old industry, driven by a passion for Early Years childcare, technology and innovation.

We beleive in giving your family the best. Putting the zest back into your family life, and taking away the daily pains, stress and hassle. With our eyes firmly set on the future of childcare, we are driving the revolution for modern families in need of awesome, professional and reliable childcare services.

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